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The Vikings and their Ships

Viking longboatRagnar Lothbrok is the feature character in the History Channel's series "The Vikings". Learn more about the real life "Scourge of England" and his series wife Lagertha on Danishnet.

Read about Viking foods, Viking longships, Viking Religion, and the Viking Longhouses. The Vikings were far more than simple raiders and plunderers. Did you know the Vikings were in North America 500 years before Columbus? Danishnet will help you understand their rich culture.


Cities of Denmark

Danish City

The major cities of Denmark are Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Odense. Another well known business hub is Kolding.

Danish Recipes

Danish Recipes

We're pulling out all the stops with a brand new selection of traditional Danish recipes.

Doing Business

Doimg Business

See our guides to doing business in Denmark and avoid cultural miscues. Danish business has its own rules and standard practices.

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