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Writers Wanted

Have you dreamed about being a published author? Would publication enhance your CV and improve your chances of obtaining a professional position?

Danishnet is offering a unique opportunity for your work to be featured on one of the world’s leading English language websites for information about Denmark and its culture and history.

This is NOT a blog exchange nor is it intended as some kind of linking scheme. It is a genuine opportunity for writers who would like to see their work published in a real venue, and to become exposed to information seekers around the world.

We will review all submitted work. Where an author is selected for publication, we will also offer future topics that the author may be interested in writing about, or the author may submit additional work for publication.

When your work is published on Danishnet, you will be fully credited as the author. Additionally, each author will be provided with a biography page similar to the author biography pages found on Huffington Post, or columnist pages found on the Toronto Star and other major publications around the world.

Danishnet traffic comes primarily from English speaking countries although we naturally receive a high volume of traffic from Denmark and other countries where English is a common second language. The top 6 countries where Danishnet is viewed and read are:

  • United States 
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Germany

If you believe your work will stand up to international scrutiny and would like to learn how to submit your work for consideration, we invite you to contact our Editorial Department using the form found below.

Please note that we are primarily offering unpaid opportunities for publication (similar to the method used on other popular websites). Writers benefit from exposure and the opportunity to publish their work in a quality venue.

Although we may at our discretion offer payment for specific projects, you should be aware that this is not currently our standard procedure.

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