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Business Introductions

Business meetings in Denmark are generally quite informal and casual affairs. Handshaking is the standard form of greeting in a business setting within Denmark. Hugging and kissing on the cheek is also quite common, but only with very close associates. A visitor should never initiate this kind of greeting. It is important to know that in a social setting in Denmark third party introductions are almost unheard of (Danes introduce themselves). This can sometimes translate into a business setting. A Mr. Smith visiting from England can usually expect that on entering a conference room that he will be introduced as, "this is Mr. Smith from England". However, it may then be up to Mr. Smith to take the initiative and introduce himself to all of the people in the room. It is also possible that Mr. Smith won't receive any introduction at all, and Mr. Smith will have to take the initiative to introduce himself.

Men should not feel the need to stand when a woman enters the room. The one exception is if they are being introduced or if they are introducing themselves to the woman.

It is very common to distribute business cards in Denmark. They are usually distributed at the end of a meeting. English cards are more than adequate as Danes generally have a very good understanding of the English language.

During the initial stages of a business meeting it is advisable to address your host with the standard English title (Mr. and Mrs.), followed by their last name. Using the English title is fine due to the average Danes comfort level with the English language. However, you can quickly expect to be instructed to use your hosts first name, as the use of titles and surnames is not common in the Danish business setting.

LastUpdate: 2016-02-12 17:49:15