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Business Negotiation in Denmark

The majority of business negotiations are conducted in the office. Negotiations will generally be friendly and informal and there are no special rules in regards to negotiations. A foreign business visitor can certainly expect a certain amount of small talk at the beginning of the negotiations. The average Dane knows a fair amount about American and British pop culture. They are also quite interested in politics and current events. An easy topic to talk about is Denmark. Danes are very proud of their country, and always enjoy a good conversation with a foreigner about Denmark. As a visitor, sharing your impressions about Danish culture, society, nature, food etc. can certainly help in creating a light, friendly atmosphere in order to conduct business. Keep in mind that Danes are very proud of their country. Too many negative comments will not be appreciated.

Within you business conversations it is important to remember that Danes are very direct in their speech. This is partly due to the Danish language, and partly due to their society. Danish has a limited vocabulary and most nuance is introduced by tone. English doesn't work that way.

Expect pointed questions. Answer directly, and avoid dodging or side stepping questions. Be well prepared with facts and figures to back up your statements. Don't oversell your product. Danes are quite modest people and are much more interested in facts and figures than declarations of how superior a product is or isn't.

One final note: do not expect an immediate decision. Denmark is a very egalitarian society, and bosses will likely consult other people within the business prior to making a final decision. In fact managers will often listen to the views of people much lower down the hierarchical ladder because they believe those employees to be knowledgeable about their own sphere.

Culturally Danes demand quality and efficency. Therefor in the high majority of cases you can count on whoever you are dealing with to come through on their promises.

LastUpdate: 2015-04-21 06:56:42