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Is Danish Culture Unique?

Danish culture is similar in many ways to general Scandinavian culture but greatly influenced by Germany and their shared history. (Don't say this to a Dane, as they view themselves as completely different than Germans, and he/she will probably be insulted.) Nonetheless, a large part of southern Denmark was in fact a part of Germany up until 1920.

Denmark and Germany fought two wars;

First Schleswig War - 1848-1851

Second Schleswig War - 1864

Both wars were disputes over the control of Schleswig and Holstein. The border was moved around 50 km in southern direction to the present position, as a result of the Schleswig referendum in 1920. In fact, you will still hear German widely spoken in the southern part of Jutland.

Danish culture and society is one of the most homogenous in the world and this previously German controlled area has largely adopted "Danish culture" as represented in the more northerly and easterly directions.

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