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Business Etiquette in Denmark

Danish business etiquette is similar to North American or other English speaking countries, however there are differences that will affect how you plan your meetings and interactions.

Meeting Etiquette

  • Appointments are almost always required. Danes do not "drop in" because they were in the neighborhood.
  • Appointments should be confirmed in writing.
  • Your initial correspondence should be made to the company and not an individual.
  • Many Danes are on vacation from mid June through mid August. It may be difficult to arrange a productive meeting at that time.
  • Danes are extremely punctual in business and social situations. Arrive at meetings on time.
  • To emphasize..., Danes are punctual. If you will be delayed more than 5 minutes, call immediately. Better yet..., leave early..., and do not be late.
  • Shake hands with everyone in the meeting upon arrival and departure. Handshakes should be very firm and rather short. Maintain eye contact while being introduced. Shake hands with women first.
  • Business cards are expected and exchanged. Your business card should have the physical address of your company and not a post office box.
  • Danes use their professional title and their surname. If someone does not have a professional title, use Herr (Mister), Fru (Misses) or Froken (Miss). Danes tend to move to first names quickly. Nonetheless, wait to be invited before using someone's first name.

Business Negotiation

  • Send an agenda before the meeting. Danes are organized and will plan to work from it without deviation.
  • Danes make decisions after consulting with everyone involved. Do not expect an immediate decision during the meeting.
  • All presentations should be well-organized and factual. Use facts, figures and charts to back up statements and conclusions. Avoid speculation and hyperbole.
  • Maintain eye contact while speaking.
  • Danes prefer to get down to business quickly. Pre-meeting small talk will be limited.
  • Danes are direct. Expect pointed questions and respond directly and without dodging the questions.

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