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Airports in Denmark

Denmark is a small country. However, there are still numerous airports throughout the country from which you can choose depending on your needs. Considering that 34% of Danes live in the Greater Copenhagen area (2008), it is not surprising that Copenhagen houses the most important airport in the country. Copenhagen's Airport, Kastrup (Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup) is very modern and is conveniently located close to central Copenhagen. The airport is also very accessible to southern Sweden. Malmo, Sweden is just accross the Oresund Bridge (Øresund Bro), which is the bridge between Denmark and Sweden. Central Malmo is only 24 km away from the Copenhagen Airport.

Billund Airport (Billund Lufthavn) is the second most important airport in Denmark, and it is located in central Jutland (Jylland). This airport mainly has flights to and from major European cities. The small island of Bornholm also has an airport. Simply called, Bornholm Airport (Bornholm Lufthavn)

There are also a handful of smaller airports throughout Denmark. These airports are primarily used by the many low cost airlines which have sprung up in recent years. These airlines generally only fly to and from popular vacation destinations. Here are a few of them:Esbjerg Airport (Esbjerg Lufthavn), Aalborg Airport (Aalborg Lufthavn), Sonderborg Airport (Sønderborg Lufthavn), Aarhus Airport (Århus Lufthavn) and Karup Airport (Karup Lufthavn). There are plans to expand the Roskilde Airport (Roskilde Lufthavn) to accomodate the demand for low cost airlines. Roskilde lies 30 km west of Copenhagen.

The vast majority of overseas travellers will fly into the Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup. Depending on your final destination within Denmark some travellers may choose to fly into the northern German town of Hamburg. Especially travellers who's final destination is the somewhere in the southern part of Jutland. The Hamburg Airport (Hamborg Lufthavn) lies approximately 150 km away from the Danish border. For travellers who will be renting a car this is also a way to avoid the very costly charge of using the Storebelt Bridge (Storebælt Bro), this is the bridge which lies between the island of Zealand (Sjælland) and Fyn (Fyn). The cost of a one way crossing is 215 Kr. ($38 US). Also, flights to Hamburg are generally a little cheaper than flights to Copenhagen.

Denmark has strong political ties with the Faroe Islands (Færøerne) and Greenland (Grønland) so Denmark has readily available flights to these rare vacation spots. The Vagar Airport (Vagar Lufthavn) in the Faroe Islands is accessible from both the Billund and Copenhagen airports. While the Nuuk Airport (Nuuk Lufthavn) in Greenland is accessible from Copenhagen it usually involves a short stop in Iceland. There are flights from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq Airport (Kangerlussuaq Lufthavn) and Narsarsuaq Airport (Narsarsuaq Lufthavn) which are both located in Greenland.

All of the aiports in Denmark, as well as the Hamburg airport have car hire facilities and bank machines. As well as information desks where English help is available. These information desks can help a traveller with a variety of questions such as hotel, bus, train, taxi or limo service information.

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