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Hans Christian Andersen Stories

The stories of Hans Christian Andersen are treasured around the world. We invite you to explore his magical world.

Published English Title Danish Title
1835 The Tinder Box Fyrtøjet
1835 Little Claus and Big Claus Lille Claus og store Claus
1835 Little Ida's Flowers Den lille Idas Blomster
1835 The Naughty Boy Den uartige Dreng
1835 The Princess on the Pea Prindsessen paa Ærten
1835 The Traveling Companion Rejsekammeraten
1835 Thumbelina Tommelise
1836 God Can Never Die Den gamle Gud lever endnu
1836 The Talisman Talismanen
1837 This Fable is Intended for You Det er Dig, Fabelen sigter til!
1837 The Emperor's New Clothes Keiserens nye Klæder
1838 The Daisy Gaaseurten
1838 The Galoshes of Fortune Lykkens Kalosker
1838 The Steadfast Tin Soldier Den Standhaftige Tinsoldat

In December 2012, an Unknown HC Andersen Fairy-tale was discovered in Denmark by a historian at Denmark's National Archives. Historian Esben Brage discoverd the story while rummaging through some old boxes. The story is titled, 'The Tallow Candle', and it is believed to have been written while Andersen was still a teenager.

This is not the first time a fairy-tale have reached the public after the author's death in 1875. In 1926, two stories were published; 'Croak' and 'The Penman', and again in 1949, 3 stories were published; 'Folks Say', 'Uranus' and 'The Poor Woman and the Little Canary Bird'. Read the Tallow Candle.

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