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Business Dress and Attire

Typically business dress for men and women is quite casual in Denmark. A suit and tie are almost never worn, nor are women's business suits.

As a rule, dress jeans, clean and well cared for shoes along with a nice dress shirt are adequate in Denmark. Be aware that "casual" does not mean that clothes can be in a poor state of repair. Running shoes are not acceptable.

A foreign visitor coming in for a visit can induce the normally casual Dane to dress up a bit. This is specially true if this foreign visitor is coming in from the International parent company. In this case you can expect suits for men (sometimes with a tie, somtimes without), and women's business suits for women.

A safe compromise in many business situations is a sports jacket (no tie) which can be promptly removed if the Danes are not wearing jackets.

LastUpdate: 2015-04-20 23:12:27