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Body Language in Danish Business Environments

While your business meetings with Danes will tend to be quite friendly and informal, it is important to know that Danes value their personal space. Aside from shaking hands during introductions you should avoid touching a Dane you are speaking with. Allow for a comfortable distance separating people during conversations. A Dane's "personal space" tends to be slightly larger than in many culture. This is an odd contradiction to your average evening in a Danish bar. In Danish bars you can often feel that the person next to you is leaning on you so much that they may actually fall down if you were to suddenly move. However, if you began to speak with that person, the personal interaction would demand the creation of personal space.

Maintain eye contact and avoid crossing your arms. Generally you will find Danes to be reserved with their body language. Receiving a friendly pat on the back can be viewed as a sign of personal trust, but should be used with caution. Too much intimacy, too early will make a Dane very uncomfortable.

Despite the Danes somewhat casual approach to business attire, Danes are a formal society. Feet up on the desk, sprawling in a chair, or other overly casual body language will result in a Dane doubting your professional abilities.

LastUpdate: 2019-06-28 16:34:57