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General Considerations

Business travelers will find Denmark to be an informal and friendly country to visit. The majority of Danes speak English. Danish hosts usually welcome their guests into a genuine warm friendly environment. There aren't any special taboos in Denmark. Visitors do not need to adjust their behavior to any large degree, as Danes are usually tolerant of differences in personal behavior, social etiquette and business culture.

Business travelers to Denmark will find Danes to be very straightforward in business negotiations. Being organized and well prepared is key to successful negotiations with a Dane. Danes expect direct and factual responses to their questions. Avoid speculation and beating around the bush.

Danes expect high standards in the goods and services they buy. They expect things to be done with care, and they do not accept poor service. They are efficient, and are arguably the most environmentally conscious country in the world. They also have one of the highest living standards in the world.

Foreign business travellers must be aware that Denmark is a very egalitarian society. Elitism is frowned upon. For example: Hiring a driver to get around may seem like common sense in another country. It helps you get around, but it also shows that a serious businessman from a serious company has arrived. However, in Denmark it is more likely to be considered a sign of snobbery.

In a country that so highly values efficiency it is hardly surprising that Danes expect strict punctuality. Even if you are only running 5 minutes late it is highly advisable to call ahead to notify whoever is expecting you. Realistically, your lateness will still be viewed as major lapse in business courtesy, but it's a least better than simply arriving late.

Generally, business travelers will find Denmark to be a refreshing country in which to do business. An informal and friendly place where quality and efficiency really matter. A place where you can really to count on the people you are dealing with to come through on their promises.

LastUpdate: 2016-02-12 17:32:41