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IDC Information Society Index of Denmark 2008

Denmark tops a listing of 53 countries in IDC's latest Information Society Index (ISI), which compares the ability of nations to access and absorb information and information technology. IDC looked at the country use of information technology in practice, measured on parameters such as the spread of broad bands, the use of Internet, the use of IT in teaching, the number of computers and how many private homes that have Internet connections.

Looking at data within four main areas: PC, Internet, telecommunications and society, Denmark is at the top in all four areas: IDC found that 67 per cent of the Danish population have access to the Internet. Of these, 84 per cent also have Internet connection in their homes. 22 per cent of the households use broadband connections.

The survey also pointed out some differences in spending on IT. While 'elite' nations like the above typically spend around 3% of GNP on IT, Denmark and Sweden are currently among the highest spenders on IT, using 3.7% of GNP.

  1. 1. Denmark
  2. 2. Sweden
  3. 3. Finland
  4. 4. USA
  5. 5. UK
  6. 6. Holland
  7. 7. Switzerland
  8. 8. Canada
  9. 9. Norway
  10. 10. New Zealand

source IDC

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