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Nordic Synergy Park (Synergiparken)

The Nordic Synergy Park is Technology Park in Kolding, Denmark. The Synergy Park’s goals are to attract high-tech, research intensive companies to Kolding. The plan also hopes to attract Universities and research centers from around the globe.  All companies and buildings located in the park must operate within strict environmental standards, as a secondary goal of the project to develop future technologies which will allow people to live and work in harmony with nature.  Essentially, Kolding hopes to become a global center for the development of environmental technologies and sustainable living and sustainable business development.

The Nordic Synergy Park (Danish: Synergiparken) is a local government (Kolding Kommune) driven project, and it was first announced to the public in 2009.  This enormous project will develop a 15 square kilometer region of farmland around Kolding.  It is expected to take 30 years to complete this ambitious environmental project.  Upon its completion it is expected that some 30000 work places will have been created within the technology park.

The Nordic Synergy Park is similar to the Sophia Antipolis Technology Park in southern France. Sophia Antipolis first started in the early 1970’s, and has been a highly successful endeavour for the development of science and technology. Close to 1200 global companies have locations within the technology park, and there are close to 25000 jobs within the park.  The clear differences to the Frence project are that the Synergy Park hopes to create many more living and leisure facilities within the park. There is a stronger focus on not only working, but also in living in harmony with the environment.

Currently the park is in the beginning phases; however the clear aimed is to put Kolding on the map in terms of scientific developments and sustainable business development.  Kolding has over the last 20 years been one of the strongest, fastest growing business centers in Denmark.

The desire for a technological park of this type must certainly be applauded, even though at this stage of the project it is hard to be certain whether or not the park will succeed in its goals.  It certainly does Denmark’s historical desire to be known as a leader in science, and environmental technologies.  We can only hope the Nordic Synergy Park can find a place in helping develop future sustainable environmental technologies.

LastUpdate: 2015-04-09 16:40:06