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The Economist ranks Denmark most peaceful country in Europe.

There are many good reasons for investing in Denmark, including one particular factor highlighted in a 2008 survey from the respected British magazine The Economist – Denmark is the most peaceful country in continental Europe. The Economist's Peace Index is based on a broad range of indicators, which measures the peacefulness of countries both domestically and in its outward-looking mindset. Among the indicators are violent crime, and participation in UN operations.

The survey, which is in its second year, sees Denmark advance two places to the No.2 slot, headed only by Iceland. The top five positions are completed by Norway, New Zealand and Japan. The US is ranked 97th, and Russia 131st out of a total of 140 countries worldwide. Somalia and Iraq are the lowest ranked. Peace is a valuable commodity in the world of trade and commerce, and the Economist remarks in its survey that big business should take due note of the Peace Index, when it takes decisions on where to invest.

The survey notes that from an overall perspective, the world seems a 'slightly more peaceful place' this year, and marks out three countries that in recent years have made sizeable strides in the direction of peace - Angola, Indonesia and India.

LastUpdate: 2019-06-28 16:42:06