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Jorgen Kastholm - Danish Furniture Designer (1931-2007)

Jørgen Kastholm (1931-2007) was a Danish Furniture Designer who first trained as a blacksmith, and later as an architect at The School of Interior Design. He supplemented this education with one year at the Graphic School. When Kastholm graduated he went to work for the world famous Danish designer Arne Jacobsen. Kastholm would later describe working for Jacobsen as a great inspiration for a young designer. While he was working for Jacobsen he was sent to Beirut to design the local SAS office (Scandinavian Airlines System). Like Fabricius, Kastholm would also later go to work for the architect Ole Hagen. Jørgen Kastholm would go on to have a very successful career and he would receive many prizes and awards in recognition of some of his more prominent work.

Kastholm's greatest success as a furniture designer came through his collaborative work in the partnership of Preben Fabricius and Jorgen Kastholm.

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