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Danish furniture is reknowned around the world for clean, classic lines and a unique sense of balance and style. The Danish people take their homes very seriously. Danish culture includes the concept of Janteloven or Jante's Law. Janteloven relates to the egalitarian nature of Danish society. Equality is a key concept in Danish society, so much so that, 'success' or what may be seen as a deliberate attempt to distinguish oneself from others may be viewed with hostility. Nonetheless, Danes are no different than people anywhere. In fact, they do like to be seen as successful, and the home is a place where that success can be shown off.

The result has been the development of very high quality furniture manufacturing. Significant Danish designers include H.J.Wegner, Fritz Hansen, Arne Jacobsen, Kai Kristiansen, N.O. Moller, Erik Buck, Poul Volther, Erik Kirkegaard, Folke Ohlsson, Kurt Østervig and Illum Wikkelso. Danishnet provides links to number of interesting websites related to Danish furniture.

Dansk Møbelkunst
More of a gallery of unique and very expensive classic Danish design. This company has locations in Copenhagen and in Paris, and offers furniture pieces primarily from the 1920 to 1960 era.

Association of Danish Furniture Industries
This website lists more than 200 Danish Furniture manufacturers and is an excellent resource for both Danish companies active in the furniture industry, and for importers and distributors seeking sources of Danish manufactured furniture.

Danish Furniture Design
Another Danish website in the English language. This company represents a number of significant Danish furniture designers and sells and ships products around the world.

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