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Aalborg Zoo - Aalborg Zoologiske Have

Aalborg Zoo is a located very close to downtown Aalborg in Northern Jutland (Jylland). The zoo is one of Denmark's leading wildlife parks. It is home to approximately 138 species and over 1200 individual animals. The zoo is open 365 days a year.

The Zoo first opened in 1935, and in recent years it has become more and more involved in environmental conservation and preservation of animal species. The zoo has been very dedicated to researching and cooperating with other zoos throughout the world to ensure the survival of endangered species. The zoo has been very dedicated to breeding programs for endangered species.

Aalborg Zoo’s boldest move in recent years has been their active support of the ‘San José de Payamino’ struggle to preserve 60,000 hectares of endangered rainforest in Ecuador. The San José de Payamino is an indigenous Indian community who still live as hunters and gatherers in the Ecuadorian rainforests. They have live a semi-nomadic life in these rainforests for centuries. There are only approximately 270 San José de Payamino Indians remaining.

Even though the Polar Bear enclosure at Aalborg Zoo opened in 1999 it is still one of the best in the world. The design is very well thought out to meet the needs of the Polar Bears, and at the same time it is well thought out for visitors to observe the Polar Bears in an interesting manner. Technically there are 2 enclosures which can be used to separate females and cubs from the males. On December 7, 2008 the female Polar Bear ‘Victoria’ gave birth to two cubs. Unfortunately one of the cubs died. What is really impressive about this birth is that is was the first time that the Internet has been used to show what life is like inside of a cave with a mother and a newborn cub. Several web cams were installed in the cave within the enclosure, and the public is free to watch the live link from the Polar Bear Cave. The zoo’s experiment with web cams to view the Polar Bears in what is normally their private world has been an overwhelming success. In the first month alone 80000 people from 75 countries logged on to watch the Polar Bears. More information is available on the Aalborg Zoo Homepage.

Aalborg Zoo offers several interesting features to enhance your visit, such children’s birthday party specials, guided tours of the zoo, renting the zoo for a day. Perhaps the most interesting of these features is where you can be a ‘keeper for the day’. Being a ‘keeper for the day’ allows you to help of with the animals in 3 sections of the zoo. You can choose the 3 sections you would like to help out in.

Visitors to Aalborg Zoo may consider buying a season’s pass. Not only does the pass allow free unlimited admission into Aalborg Zoo, but it also entitles you to free admission to Givskud Zoo (Givskud Zoologisk Have), Odense Zoo (Odense Dyrehave) and Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have København). The pass will also entitle you to reduced rates on some other sites of interest within Denmark.

Aalborg Zoo also manages the ‘Tivoli Karolinelund’ which is an amusement park in central Aalborg.

In 2007 the Zoo named a newborn giraffe ‘Casey’ after Brian Casey who was the current captain of the local professional hockey team; the Aalborg Ice Hockey Club. The team plays in Denmark’s top professional hockey league.


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