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BonBon Land

BonBon Land is an amusement park on the southern part of the island of Zealand (Sjaelland) in Denmark. The park lies about 45 minutes drive from Copenhagen (København) in the small town of Holme-Olstrup.

The park was first opened in 1992 by a former candy manufacturing company with the brand name “BonBon”. Originally the park only held a small candy factory, a cinema, several shops and a few boats in a nearby lake. All that has changed, and BonBon Land has exploded in size in a very short time.

The park is open from April until October each year. However, opening times are quite limited in April, September and October and it is best to consult BonBon Land’s homepage to verify opening times.

The park has a handful of impressive roller coasters. By far the two most impressive coasters are ‘The Tomcat’ (Hankatten) and ‘The Wild Boar’ (Vild-Svinet). The Tomcat opened up in 2007, and it has a top speed of 55 km/h. 55 km/h is decent, but it is not overly fast for a modern day roller coaster, but what is really impressive with The Tomcat is that the small 4 person cars rotate while you are travelling at that speed. It is an exhilarating ride, and the only one of its type in all of Scandinavia. The Wild Boar on the other hand will thrill you with its sheer speed and powerful G-forces. The coaster has a top speed of 74 km/h, and it was voted the best roller coaster in Denmark in 2003.

In 2009 the BonBon Land added a new roller coaster called ‘Viktor the Water Worm’ (Viktor Vandorm) and an enormous indoor playground called ‘Fantasy World’.

Aside from the big rollercoaster BonBon Land has a large variety of different attractions to choose from. There are waterslides and other water themed attractions. There are many other rides, several bouncy cushions, trampolines, many different playgrounds and a cinema. Rest assured that there is plenty of attractions to thrill the smallest children.
BonBon Land is quite simply a great place to bring the family during the summertime.

In 2007 BonBon Land was acquired by the Spanish group Parques Reunidos. Parques Reunidos operates amusement parks all over Europe and the USA. The acquisition of BonBon Land by Parques Reunidos will ensure that the park will continue to grow well into the 21st century.


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