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The Deer Garden (Copenhagen) - (Jægersborg Hegn og Dyrehave)

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  • Tourist Office Tel: 39 97 39 10
  • 12.3km north of Central Copenhagen (København)
  • Jægersborg Hegn og Dyrehave is 1800 hectars of preserved forests, grasslands and lakes
  • Plenty of hiking, camping, nature guides and other outdoor activities
  • Home of Dyrehavsbakken (Deer Park Hill) (2nd most popular tourist attraction in Denmark

Tourist Attractions in Jægersborg Hegn og Dyrehave - Copenhagen

The Deer Garden is a variety of forests and parks located north of Copenhagen (København). The park covers 11 square kilometres and it was originally the private royal hunting grounds of successive Danish Kings. The area is what Denmark’s nature and countryside once looked like before thousands of years of deforestation and heavy agriculture altered it forever.

The Deer Gardens are a welcome break for visitors to Copenhagen who would like a break from city life. In fact thousands of Copenhageners flock to the Deer Gardens every year. The Deer Garden is a mixture of forests, parks and coastlines.

In a country with so little manipulated nature the Deer Garden is a precious piece of the Danish environment. The area is particularly known for the ancient oak trees which give the area a rustic, timeless appeal. There are also large populations of red and fallow deer. The deer park has a wide variety of wildlife. Many of the animals have benefited by the chaotic growth patterns of ancient oak trees, and they have made their homes in large number of hollow sections in the oak trees.

The Deer Garden is also the home of the Deer Park Hill (Dyrehavsbakken) which is an amusement park and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Denmark.


The Deer Garden - Copenhagen - Things to See and Do

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