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Esbjerg - Things to See and Do (Part 1)

Esbjerg Tourist Map Fishing and Seafaring Museum (Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet) Men at Sea (Mennesket ved Havet) Fishermen’s Memorial Grave (Fiskernes Mindelund) Esbjerg Museum of Art (Esbjerg Kunstmuseum) Book Printing Museum (Bogtryksmuseum) Lightship Museum (Museumsfyrskib) Esbjerg Square (Torvet) Fish Auction for Tourists (Fiskeauktionerne for Turister) Water Tower (Vandtårnet) Windmill Cruise (MølleCruise fra Esbjerg) City and Harbour Tour (By- og havnerundfart i Esbjerg) Church of Our Saviour (Vor Frelser Kirke) Esbjerg Music House (Musikhuset i Esbjerg) Western Jutland’s Museum of Amber (Esbjerg Museum/Vestjyllands Ravmuseum Old Power Plant (Det gamle Elværk) Vognbol Park (Vognsbøl Park)

1. Fishing and Seafaring Museum (Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet). The Fishing and Seafaring Museum in Esbjerg is a wonderful museum well worth visiting. The museum is a very child-friendly museum with plenty of activities for children. The Museum has a large Saltwater Aquarium, a Seal Aquarium and an outdoor museum. During the summertime boat tours are available from the museum. The tours offer visitors the chance to enjoy a boat trip on the west coast of Jutland (Jylland), as well as the unique opportunity to see seals in their natural habitat. Very close by is the very imposing Men at Sea sculpture.

2. The Men at Sea (Mennesket ved Havet). The Men at Sea is a very impressive sculpture which designed by the famous Danish sculptor and painter Svend Wiig Hansen. The sculpture is technically 4 identical 9 meter high men who are sitting and looking out to sea. The sculpture is quite simply a breathtaking site. Even those without the slightest interest in art find the sculpture to be very appealing. The sculpture was unveiled in 1995, and since then has become Esbjerg’s most recognized monument. It is hard to find a single poster or brochure about Esbjerg which does not feature this sculpture.

3. Fishermen’s Memorial Grave (Fiskernes Mindelund). The Fishermen’s Memorial Grave near the Fishing and Seafaring Museum is a very sobering reminder of the human cost of life at see. This very moving monument has the names of all the Esbjerg fishermen who have died at sea from 1900 until the present. There are close to 400 names engraved on the monument.

4. Esbjerg Museum of Art (Esbjerg Kunstmuseum). The Esbjerg Museum of Art has a decent collection of Danish modern art by Vilhelm Lundstrøm (1893-1950), Richard Mortensen (1910-1993) amongst others. The museums painting collection and book collection is open to the public. The museum has a very unusual exhibition of different scents. Visitors are free to smell the contents of different jars and then guess what they have just smelled.

5. Book Printing Museum (Bogtryksmuseum). This fun, interactive museum shows visitors how paper was printed using typesetting by hand. Prior to the development of modern printing technology pages were printed using movable type which was positioned by hand. The museum is open every Thursday from 12-16 during the summertime only.

6. The Lightship Museum (Museumsfyrskib). For anyone with an interest in maritime history The Lightship Museum in Esbjerg is a must. Esbjerg is lucky to have the oldest preserved lightship or lightvessel in the world. Lightships were used as lighthouses in waters that were too deep or too unstable to build proper lighthouses. Esbjerg’s lightship dates from 1912. Visitors are welcome to board the ship. On board there is an impressive exhibition about life and work conditions on the ship. Open everyday during the summer.

7. The Square (Torvet). Esbjerg’s Torvet is one of Denmark’s most beautiful squares, with its granite pavement and special lighting. It’s being referred to as the cities open Party Square. At the centre of the square there is a statue of King Christian the 9th.

8. Fish Auction for Tourists (Fiskeauktionerne for Turister). During the Wednesday at 11:00 from mid-July until mid-August Esbjerg has a fish auction for tourists. The fish auction is quite a unique attraction with tourists. Tourists are welcome to come and bid on the catch of the day. The auction is held in the Fish Auction Hall on the street “Auktionsgade” (in Esbjerg’s fishing harbour).

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