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Faarup Sommerland

Faarup Sommerland (Fårup Sommerland) is an amusement park in the North Western part of Jutland (Jylland). The park is located near the coast in the small town of Blokhus which makes it an ideal destination for the huge amount of summer tourists in this region. The North Western part of Denmark is filled with tourists during the summer time. This region has some of the finest beaches in Europe, and there are countless camp grounds and summer homes for rent. Faarup Sommerland is an ideal place to take the family during the summer. The park is only open between May and September of each year.

The park has only been around since 1975 when it was opened by Anders Kragelund. Anders came from a wealthy family in Aalborg, and he wished to fulfill the dream of starting a theme park for the whole family. The beautiful natural region was an obvious choice to build the new park. The park started small yet in its short history it has grown immensely.

Today Faarup Sommerland is full of the typical attractions you would expect to see in any modern day amusement park, and Faarup has gone to great efforts to assure that there is plenty to do for all ages. The park has a vast amount of rides and challenges which involve water such as waterslides, speed boats, bumper boats, canoes and a wave pool. In fact when the aqua park (aqua parken) opened it was the largest in Europe. Any visitor to the park should definitely not forget there swimsuit.

There is a good variety of roller coasters for the adventure seekers. The newest of which is ‘The Lightning’ (Lynet) which opened up in 2008, and it represents the largest single ride investment in the parks history. At one point ‘The Lightning’ gives you a remarkable acceleration from 0 to 80 km/h in just 2 seconds! One of the most popular roller coasters is ‘The Falcon’ Falkon which actually dates back to 1932, but only came to the park in 2004. The Falcon is the fastest wooden roller coaster (trærutschebane) in Denmark.

The park also has a 4D movie theatre, horse riding, and quite a few different types of climbing apparatuses. You need not worry because there are plenty of rides and challenges for the youngest visitors. Faarup Sommerland is quite simply a great place to bring the family and it may be the highlight of your child’s vacation.

The majority of the visitors to the park are Danish. It is estimated that 80% of the annual visitors are Danish. However, in recent years the parks popularity has started to spread onto the international market, and there are an increasing number of Norwegians, Swedes and Germans turning up at the park.

On the practical side Faarup Sommerland knows that they are in the business of entertaining families, especially children. One great feature of the park is that they hand out free bracelets that you can write down your mobile phone number and put it on your child. That way you can be contacted if your child goes missing. Another is the Huggies Babycare Center which is located near the entrance to the park. Here you can have a private room equipped with a microwave, changing table and comfortable seating to feed the youngest of your children.


Fårup Sommerland
Pirupvejen 147, 9492 Blokhus
Telefon 9888 1600 - Telefax 9888 1620

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