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Fredericia, Denmark

Fredericia is a town located in the eastern part of the Jutland. The city itself has 39,391 inhabitants and the Fredericia Municipality has 49,463 inhabitants (2008).

The countryside around Fredericia is known for it’s forests and it’s many beautiful stretches of coastline.


After the devastation caused by the Thirty Years War in what was then a largely unfortified Jutland, King Christian IV realized the necessity of building a strong fortress in Jutland. He decided that this project could be combined with his plans for building a large town in Jutland. Unfortunately for King Christian he died in 1648 before he was able to put any of these plans into action.

It was King Christian IV son, Frederick III who put these plans into action. Fredericia was founded in 1650 by Frederick III, after whom the town was named. A fortified encampment was built on a point of land called Lyngs Odde, near the current location of Fredericia.

Every July 6 the town of Fredericia holds a festival to commemorate the 1849 Battle of Fredericia, fought during the First War of Schleswig, in which Danish troops won a victory over the Schleswig-Holstein rebels and Prussian troops who were laying siege to the town.

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