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Herning, Denmark

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  • Tourist Office Telephone: 96 27 22 22
  • Population: 54,890 (2010)
  • Located in Central Jutland (Jylland
  • Approximately 60 km north of Billund Airport(Billund Lufthavn)
  • Approximately 45 km east of Ringkobing (Ringkøbing) and 75 km west of Aarhus (Århus)
  • Very important trade and conference city
  • Home of Danmark’s largest exhibition centre “MCM Messecenter Herning”

Things to see and do in Herning

Herning is a town located very central on Jutland (Jylland) Denmark. Generally Herning attracts few tourists with the sole purpose of visiting Herning. The main bulk of visitors come to Herning to make use of the MHM Messecenter Herning which is the largest trade and conference centre in Danmark. The town truly does lack any jaw-dropping attractions, but this doesn’t mean that Herning doesn’t have some attractions which are worth visiting. The city of Herning is a fine place for a day visit.

The majority of visitors to Herning find themselves there because of the enormous Messecenter. The Messecenter attracts close to 1 million visitors each year. The centre is mainly used for trade shows, exhibitions and conferences; however in recent years there has been much effort in offering more cultural and sporting events to attract visitors to the city. In fact in 2009 the centre opened the MCH Outdoor Arena which has a capacity of 50000. The outdoor arena was constructed to provide adequate facilities for the bigger concert venues. It is well worth checking the schedule of events at the Messecenter prior to you trip to Danmark or Herning.

Herning is more than just a trade and conference city. As for cultural attractions Herning Museum houses an impressive display which tells the story of the manufacturing of fabrics from antiquity up to the present day. The museum also has a fine collection of historical outfits. Next door to the Herning Museum is the very impressive Danish Museum of Photography (Danmarks fotomuseum). The museum is a must for those with an interest.

For art lovers there is the HEART Herning Museum Of Contemporary Art and the Carl-Henning Pedersen and Else Alfelts Museum are the two best art museum in the Herning area. Both the Carl-Henning and Else Alfelts Museum and the HEART Herning Museum Of Contemporary Art are located slightly outside of the city on the east side (approximately 6km from the centre of Herning).

Herning is lucky enough to have 3 striking buildings which were designed by the world famous Danish architect Jørn Utzon. Jorn Utzon is the architect who designed the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

Herning has decent golfing in the area, as well as fishing and cycling paths. Many tourists on biking vacations find their way into Herning. There are plenty of good restaurants and accommodations in and around the area.

Herning has twice been named Denmark’s “city of the year”, mainly due to its economic importance to the country, first in 1965 and once again in 2003.

In the early Middle Ages Herning was a tiny village which went by the name, ‘Hørningh’. The village’s very central location on Jutland meant that despite being nothing more than a tiny village it was still a very important crossroads. In fact in 1668 ‘Hørningh’ was little more than 9 farms which were spread out around a church.

Herning’s big breakthrough came in the 1840 when the locals successfully campaigned to have the main east-west road which was being built between Silkeborg and Ringkøbing to pass through their town.  From that point in time Herning grew in population and economic importance. 

The first steam-powered wool spinning plant was built in 1873. A railway between Silkeborg and Herning was completed in 1877. The new railway meant that Herning now had the ability to easily export the growing number of fabrics produced in the town. By 1913, Herning had developed into one of the most important centres of the manufacturing of clothing and fabrics in Denmark.

In 1954, the first building for Herning’s Messecenter was erected. Due to demand the Messecenter has been continually expanding ever since. From the 1960’s the Messecenter has been under almost continual construction, with more modern and specialized facilities popping-up at an alarming rate.

In 1965 and 2003 Herning was named Denmark’s “city of the year”.

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