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Holstebro, Denmark

Holstebro is a town in western Jutland. The city itself has 33,939 (2008) inhabitants and the Holstebro Municipality 57,020 (2008).

The city lies on both sides of Storåen (The Large River). Canoeing and kayaking on the nearly 100 km long Storåen is popular during the summer and early autumn.

The city is a trading, industrial and cultural center in western Jutland. It has a large network of pedestrian walkways in the inner city that support a varied shopping environment beautifully enhanced by outdoor sculptures and picturesque buildings.

The city has a rich and varied cultural life, with internationally recognized ballet company (Peter Schaufuss Ballet).


The city arose at a fjord by the river, and later a bridge was erected. Holstebro was first mentioned in a letter from Bishop Thyge of Ribe in 1274.

A large fire in 1552 destroyed many of the town's old buildings.

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