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Naestved (Næstved), Denmark

Næstved is a city about 85km southwest of Copenhagen on the island of Zealand. Næstved is an important commercial center in the area, and has a population of 41,810 (2008). The city is generally known as the shopping-center of Southern Zealand.

The city is popular with commuters who work in Copenhagen, as Næstved is located one hour travel time, but has housing prices well below those in the capital.

Næstved is the cultural center of the Southern Zealand Region, with various museums, concert-venues, theaters and exhibitions of all kinds during the year.


Næstved has roots as far back as 4-500 bc. Archeologic material from this period in time, has been found in the soil under Næstved, and tells of human life here before long before the Vikings came around.

In 1135 Benedictine monks received Saint Peter's Church and surrounding land in order to found Saint Peter's Monastery. This is seen as the foundation of the town of Næstved. However, from archaeological evidence it is clear that the town existed already at that time, being both big and important to the region.

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