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Narsarsuaq Airport (Narsarsuaq Lufthavn)

Airport Code: UAK

Narsarsuaq Airport (Narsarsuaq Lufthavn) is a small airport in southern Greenland (Grønland). Greenland has very close political ties with Denmark. This makes Denmark one of the few places in the world from which you can fly direct to Greenland. Direct flights are available from Copenhagen's Airport, Kastrup (Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup). The airport was originally build by the American War Department in World War II.

Charter flights and helicopters can be arranged out of the airport. As well as cruise ships and trips to nearby glaciers. There are also a handful of ruins of viking settlements in the area. Arrangement for the previously mentions attractions as well as many others can be arranged at the Hotel Narsarsuaq.

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