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Vagar Airport (Vagar Lufthavn)

Airport Code: FAE

Vagar Airport (Vagar Lufthavn) is the only airport in the Faroe Islands (Færøerne). The airport is on the island of Vagar, is about a 40 min drive from the capital Torshavn (Thorshavn). Denmark has strong political ties with the Faroe Islands making this remote group of islands very accessible from Denmark. Copenhagen's Airport, Kastrup (Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup), Billund Airport (Billund Lufthavn) and Aalborg Airport (Aalborg Lufthavn) all offer flights to Vagar Airport.

There is an helicopter service which operates out of the airport. Helicopters are a common mode of transport from island to island. Helicopters regularily travel to the majority of the other islands from the airport. Please check the airport's homepage for schedual information.

The airport is very small, but it has a decent amount of parking for it's size. Parking can be pre-booked on the airport homepage. An airport shuttle is available to the capital city of Torshavn.

Vagar Airport Homepage (English)

Car Hire (companies available in the airport)

  • Avis
    • Airport Phone Number (298) 35 88 00
  • Hertz
    • Airport Phone Number (298) 34 00 60

Main Carriers and Destinations

  • Air Iceland (Reykjavík)
  • Atlantic Airways (Aalborg, Aberdeen, Billund, Copenhagen, London-Stansted, Narsarsuaq, Oslo, Reykjavík, Shetland Islands, Stavanger, Stockholm-Arlanda)
  • Atlantic Airways, helicopter service (Dímun, Froðba, Hattarvík, Kirkja, Klaksvík, Koltur, Mykines, Skúvoy, Svínoy, Tórshavn)

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