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Viborg, Denmark

Viborg is a town located in central Jutland. The city itself has 34,831 (2008) inhabitants and the Viborg Municipality has 92,084 (2008).


Viborg is one of the oldest towns in Denmark, with Vikings settlements dating back to the 8th century. Due to its central location, during the Middle Ages the town had great strategic importance, in political and religious matters.

Viborg is famous for the Viborg Cathedral. The construction of the cathedral started in 1130 and lasted for about 50 years. The building has burned to the ground and been re-built several times. Only the crypt of the original cathedral is still preserved. The newest parts of the church are from 1876. The cathedral is famous for its many paintings by Danish painter Joakim Skovgaard.

Prior to the Protestant Reformation Viborg was the home of five monasteries (one for Augustine brothers and one for Augustine sisters, a Franciscan monastery, a Dominican monastery and a monastery for the Knights Hospitaller). Today only a few remains of the Franciscan monastery and the Dominican monastery are left.

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