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Koge Bay Beach Park (Køge Bugt Parken) Copenhagen, Activites

Køge Bugt Parken Map Broendby Havn Broendby Gyvelhuse Vallensbaek Havn Ishoej Havn Store Vejleaa Arken Museum Art Jaegermolen Jaegersoe Hundige Havn

1. Brondby Harbour (Brøndby Havn). Brøndby Harbour (Brøndby Havn). The harbour is located at the eastern most section of the Park. There is a pretty marina on the west side of Avedøre Holme.

2. Broom House (Gyvelhuse). Gyvelhuse is the site of 8 stone sculptures which were made by the Danish artist Henry Heerup (1907-1993). The sculptures are scattered in the grassy dunes.

3. Vallensbæk Harbour (Vallensbæk Havn). Towards the center of the long beach is Vallensbæk Harbour (Vallensbæk Havn). There is a marina and the houses around the marina were inspired by the houses in the North Jutland town of Skagen. There are several decent restaurants and a yacht club.

4. Ishoj Harbour (Ishøj Havn). Ishøj Harbour (Ishøj Havn) is built one of the artificial islands. There is a marina and a camping area called Tangloppen. Ishøj Harbour is a great place to visit for those with an interest in fishing, windsurfing and other sailing activities.

5. Big Vejle Stream (Store Vejleå). During the winter months Big Vejle Stream (Store Vejleå) is a very popular spot for fishing. Each winter the large perch swim up the stream in order to spawn. Fishing passes are mandatory in Denmark for everyone between the ages of 18-65. Day, month and year long passes can be purchased at Sport Dress phone number (+45) 38 88 46 48 or at the Q8 gas station placed on the street ‘Gammel Køge Landevej’.

6. The Ark, Museum of Modern Art (Arken, Museum for Moderne Kunst). The architect Robert Lund designed this elegant modern art museum and it first opened in 1996. The building is an artwork in its self. The museum has many temporary exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and graphic arts. There is also a decent permanent exhibit.

7. The Hunting Pier (Jægermolen). Jægermolen is one of the beach park’s best known buildings; it is built of big beautiful stones from which were imported from Skåne, Sweden.

8. The Hunting Lake (Jægersø). Jægersø is the home of many different types of birds, such as coots, grebes, black-headed gulls amongst others. The swamp is an ideal breeding ground for the birds.

9. Hundige Harbour (Hundige Havn). The Hundige Harbour (Hundige Havn) is the western most in the beach park. The marina is generally quieter are more peaceful than some of the other sections of the park.


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