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Dragor (Dragør) - Copenhagen - Amager Island

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  • Tourist Office Tel: 32 53 41 06
  • Dragør is approximately 13km away from Central Copenhagen
  • Small old fishing village.
  • 6km from Copenhagen's Airport, Kastrup
  • Very easy access to the bridge to Sweden (Oresund Bro)
  • Population of approximately 1000 in the old section of town

Things to See and Do in Dragor (Copenhagen)

Dragør is a small fishing village 13 km southeast of central Copenhagen (København) on the island of Amager. The population of Dragør is 11251 (2008). The population of the old quarter is approximately 1000.

The village has a long history and it has a very cosy, peaceful atmosphere. The old quarter of the town is very well preserved, and there are many well preserved building which date from Dragør’s more powerful years. The beautiful yellow homes which are all over the old quarter of Dragør help to create a unique atmosphere. The majority of the upper-class homes from Dragør’s more powerful days were built by the architect/carpenter Johan Hendrich Jørgensen Blichmann. His was very sought after by the upper class between the years 1773-1815. The old town has a maze of cobblestone streets which are ideal for a delightful stroll.

In 1370 Dragør received trading privileges and the right to salt herrings. In the 16th century the mass amounts of herring in Øresund began to disappear because of over fishing. Many of the fishermen were forced to find alternate means of earning money and they began to pilot their ships much greater distances in search of herring. As the fisherman went further and further abroad is search of herring it became obvious that plenty of money could be made in transport and trade. During the 18th and 19th centuries Dragør had grown become the second largest shipping town in Denmark.

Over the last 150 years Dragør has declined in importance as more and more traders have opted to deliver trade their goods in the much larger Copenhagen. Today trade within the port is almost none existent and fishing has once again become of some importance to the town’s economy of Dragør. The port has an avid sailing community and there always many private sail boats in the area.

The bridge to Sweden (Oresund Bridge – Øresundbroen) is visible from Dragør harbour.

Dragør (Copenhagen) - Things to See and Do

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