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The Millstream and its Lakes (Mølleåen og dens Søer) - Copenhagen

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  • Tourist Office Tel: 45 87 01 52
  • Located 17km north of Central Copenhagen (København)
  • Plenty of outdoor activities: canoeing, kayaking, fishing, camping...
  • The Mølleåen River runs from Bastrup Lake to Øresund (the sound which separates Denmark and Sweden)
  • At over 30km long the river is the longest river on the island of Zealand
  • A popular getaway for the citizens of Copenhagen

Things to See and Do in Mølleåen og dens Søer (Copenhagen)

Slightly north of Copenhagen (København) is the popular lake and forest district of ‘The Millstream and its Lakes’ (Mølleåen og dens Søer). The stream is like a long green snake which winds its way through several towns, forests and parks. The entire stream is over 30 km long.

The Mill Stream begins at Bastrup Lake (Bastrup Sø), and runs all the way into Oresund (Øresund), which is the sound which separates Denmark from Sweden. The Mill Stream drops 30 meters from start to finish, which gave the basis for the mill operations. The stream and the pond around the mill is the home of many different species of fish, frogs and birds. All year around you can see the grey heron walking along the banks of the stream.

The Millstream has been used for mill operations all the way back to Viking times. It’s been the home to more than 11 different mills producing everything from grain, iron, cobber, brass, guns, bullets, clothing, paper and cardboard. In earlier centuries rich grocers from Copenhagen built large farms along the stream, and used the stream for recreational sailing on their large sailboats.

The Millstream is a very popular place for canoeing. By the channel between Lyngby Lake (Lyngby Sø) and Fure Lake (Furesø) is the Frederiksdal Canoe and Boat Rental (phone number +45 45 85 67 70) and Nybro Boat Rental (phone number +45 45 87 39 19). The Millstream is a great place to get away from Copenhagen and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere in the area. Boat renters can go on daytrips down the stream or simply go around the different lakes in the area. Through the boat rental companies you can book a 2-day trip from Frederiksdal to The Beach Mill (Strandmøllen) and back. You can either spend the night at the camping area, at the hostel in Raadvad or sleep in a tent.

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